Why Private Equity?

You Still Run Your Business

Private equity ownership structures can vary wildly. While you may choose to sell a controlling or large minority ownership stake, you will still run your business. Your hard work, ingenuity and perseverance have already made your business a success. Our approach is collaborative. RLJ provides strategic direction, but the day-to-day operations will be you and your team’s responsibility

Diversify Your Net Worth

Many founders have a significant portion of their net worth tied to their businesses. In the private equity model, current owners can receive a significant amount of cash at close while retaining meaningful ownership stakes. After significant shareholder value has been created for you and RLJ, your company can be sold again, allowing for a second sizable liquidity event. Selling to a private equity firm can be one of the best ways to maximize and diversify your net worth

Create Growth Opportunities

When partnering with the right private equity firm, you get more than just capital. A partnership with RLJ means access to our network of current and former fortune 500 executives, as well as access to our founder’s vast network and relationships to help grow revenues and drive opperational improvements. In addition, RLJ can provide additional capital to pursue add-on acquisitions

Take Your Business to the Next Level

If your business is at a turning point and needs additional expertise or capital to get to the next level, RLJ can be a great strategic partner. When you partner with RLJ, we help you execute key initiatives such as expanding into new geographies, entering new end markets, developing new products, improving technology systems and supply chain networks, and attracting top management talent