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Investment Criteria

Our firm seeks to identify and invest behind high quality companies led by motivated and skilled executives. We then align both our short and long-term interests by providing our management teams with a meaningful ownership stake in the businesses they lead. While we will actively pursue opportunities across a broad range of industries, we seek certain characteristics within each of our investments:

  • Ongoing participation with existing management

  • A history of consistent growth with operating profits greater than $4 million and operating margins greater than 10%

  • A base level of predictable, stable revenues

  • The opportunity to significantly increase profitability - through revenue growth, consolidation of expenses, add-on acquisitions leading to efficiencies of scale, or other operating improvements

Transaction Types

  • Buy-outs

  • Recapitalizations

  • Growth Equity

  • Add-on Acquisitions

Transaction Size

  • Companies valued between $25 million and $100 million Equity investments of $10 to $30 million

  • Larger transactions are pursued in collaboration with our strategic partners

  • No minimum size for add-on acquisitions


  • Seek seasoned, experienced management teams with strong entrepreneurial drive

  • Prefer to acquire and expand companies in concert with existing management

  • Selectively pursue opportunities that require management transition